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V-Patch: Next-generation Wireless ECG Telemetry

V-Patch represents state of the art technology in event monitoring through its intelligent, non-invasive, wireless vital signs monitoring system.

V-Patch is unobtrusive to wear and allows a patient to conduct his or her normal daily activities anywhere in the world while being monitored continuously in real time. 

Events are automatically detected and recorded,  producing  a diagnostic quality 3-lead ECG, which is immediately available on the web based platform.  The design of the patch has not only made it easier to wear, ensuring greater compliance, it has significantly reduced the incidence of artefact.

Monitoring periods are indefinite, but the system has been designed to be worn for up to seven days without changing the patch or recharging the batteries. It has a memory feature so that no recorded event is lost.

V-patch is more likely to capture an event. Standard monitoring processes such as Holter are limited by time restrictions and patient compliance, missing events that occur beyond their screening period. 

Traditionally, ECG data is analysed at the completion of the monitoring period. With V-Patch however, analysis can occur at any time.  Patients are continuously monitored and any cardiac events recorded are instantaneously forwarded directly to the web-based interface via GPRS, to be viewed by the physician or clinician who is alerted to the event. This results in immediate diagnosis and faster treatment. 

The secure web based platform is a patient management system that displays current and historical results and produces printable reports.  The V-Patch system allows the clinician to monitor a patient for up to seven days or more while providing real-time notification.

V-Patch is configurable for the automatic detection of any combination of nine of the most commonly occurring arrhythmias plus a patient-activated event button and can be reconfigured at any time during a monitoring session.  The standard monitoring session is seven days and the device monitors every heartbeat and records abnormal rhythmsThe recordings include 20seconds pre event and are configurable for up to 7 minutes post event.

V-Patch is designed to catch all targeted events, even if the patient is asymptomatic.  It is estimated that 60% of events or more occur without symptoms. Event monitors that require patients to manually activate their monitors when symptoms are experienced will fail to record these events.

The V-Patch is as efficient in design as it is in function. The sensor is small and discretely worn. The patches are hypoallergenic and waterproof. Patches are adhesive enough to attach well to patients and worn for seven days without changing, but not be painful to remove. The V-Patch is less obtrusive than other devices while providing better signals, reduced artefact and greater patient compliance.

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